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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bungalows by the Sea

How I have missed you, my dear blogging family and friends! I've been away at the coast. I hope you enjoy some of the lovely cottages that dot the landscape in the tiny village of Neskowin. It is snugly nestled on the beautiful Pacific Ocean along the coast of Oregon.  


Scenes from where I grew up as a child...It's always so wonderful returning to the area where I spent most of my childhood. I love visiting special places that take me back to my early days in Oregon.

***Sweet Ocean Breezes...Ahhh!
***Seagulls flying overhead
***Strolling along the waters edge
***Salt Water Taffy
***Searching for Seashells
***Sea Lions basking in the sun
***Seaweed washed ashore

It's good to be home, again...Back to the other side of the mountains where the snow is still glistening on high and lofty peaks.

My darling friends...I have some visiting to do...and, oh, how I look forward to popping in to see what you have all been up to!

Blessings and hugs,
Carolynn  xoxo


vintage grey said...

Hi Carolynn!! What a beautiful place to grow up in!! Love all the beach bungalows!! So colorful, and sweet!! So glad you had a lovely time, and are back home safe!! Have a beautiful weekend! xo Heather

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

hi there my friend! how are you : ) now i am visiting you! i have a lot of visiting to do! : ) thank you for dropping by and thank you for your kind have NO IDEA how much they mean to me and you will NEVER know how much I needed it!!!!
sending you tons of hugs!!! : )

Tania said...

Hello my sweet friend! Boy, have I missed you! I thought you must be up to something good! Welcome back, and oh my...what beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. I want to LIVE in one of those beach houses! And the sunset...well, that's just the artistic brush strokes to creation by our Maker! ♥ I hope you feel rested and ready for great things! Much love to you and yours, Tania ♥
P.S Love the snow capped mountains too...majestic! ♥

Kathleen Grace said...

How delightful! The Oregon coast is one of the places I would love to see. It all looks so lovely with these beautiful cottages and the mountains and the Ocean! As a lifelong Michigan girl, I've really seen very little of the U.S. I plan to change that in the next few years:>)

vivian said...

good morning Carolyn! I'm so glad you got to get away and enjoy some time at the ocean! with that said, I must also admit that I am a teeny tiny bit jealous! lol! My soul just longs for a visit to some sweet beachy place! so thankful I live a minute for lake ontario so I do get a lot of beach time in!
welcome home and have a delight filled weekend!

My Vintage Mending said...

Absolutely stunning...What a wonderful place to grow wonder you are so sweet. Smiles...Renee

Shirley Hatfield said...

You always know the right things to say when you come for a visit! And I do so love visiting with you...what a beautiful state is Oregon! I had relatives in Portland at one time and I will never forget how lovely the coast is. I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit...I need a roadtrip! =D

Paula said...

Hello my darling adopted momma! I have missed you so much dearest! Thank you very much for the lovely comments! You always bless me with your kindness and love! I am thrilled to hear your mom is happy and settled in her new home! I am so glad you had a lovely trip and shared these beautiful photos sweetie! I love the cottages!!! Oh, they are so sweet and cheerful! I loved the gorgeous sunset too and the snow-capped mountains. It is amazing the difference on one side of Oregon to the other! Our God is amazing!!! I hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourself! I know your sweet hubby and darling kitties are glad you are home again. I think of you all the time and keep you in my prayers. I love you so much and thank the Lord for you! All my love, your girlie~ Paula xoxox

Amanda said...

Hello Carolyn,
Thank you for taking the time to view my latest post and for your lovely comments.
What gorgeous cottages and a lovely place to get away to ,so near to the dream is to have a villa in front of the sea. I imagine you have had a wonderful time there.

Keep well

Amanda :-)

Anonymous said...

Great shots, lovely town you grew up in... but I love the snow on the mountain best..glad you are home and ready to go on sewing projects...sue

A tale from toadstool house said...

Hi Dearest Carolynn,its so good to have you back! I loved sharing this post where you grew up,seeing all of the lovely different houses. How I love to beachcomb and collect shells,something I havent done for a long while...I'm glad your back safe ,take care and happy week ahead,lots of love juliexoxox

Poppy said...

Hi Carolynn,

Finally had some time today to read another bunch of your pretty posts! I absolutely LOVE these cozy and colourful little houses. They are simply darling! Almost storybook-like, don't you think? I can imagine a densely forested village dotted with them. I could sit in them all day sipping on tea and indulging in cake with all the lovely ladies in my life! We'd all be talking over each other, but we'd still manage to hear what everyone is saying! Won't you join me?

Thank you so very much for the very sweet words back at my place! As a new blogger, I look forward to any feedback. It means a lot to me that nice people take the time to share their opinion-whatever that may be.


susan said...

sigh. so lovely. i love the water...but of the fresh type. i grew up on the banks of lake michigan and always orient myself with "the lake is east".
the cottages look so wonderful and colorful. i bet its fabulous staying there

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh my dear Miz Caroline,
How nice to go home again. Neskowin is a place I have been, many times. I love the sweet houses and small community. You see, I spent many weekends, in WiNeMa at the old family cabin just above the lake. The view looked down at the lake, the church camp on the other side, and the glorious ocean behind that. In fact when I first moved to the coast, I stayed at WiNeMa cabin for weeks while I looked for a place in Lincoln City. I have wonderful memories up there, and walked the entire beach. People riding horses on the beach, seals basking on the north end, Eagels catching fish there, the best place for collecting sand dollars, amazing cliffs, and deer in the yard twice a day keeping the weeds mowed, and eating the wild black berries. Some mornings there would be up to 8 of them. I would go to the tiny Church at the camp on Sundays, the congregation was never over 20 people. The camp would have baptisms in the lake now and again. It was a place of peace, no telephone or television, and little radio reception. The key to the old door was hanging on a tree. That little area has about a dozen houses, and such nice people who watched out for each other. I felt such comfort when I looked up and saw the 3 crosses mounted on the hill, have you seen them? I bet you do.
One nite I couldn't sleep, I went out on the porch and saw a doe and her fawn playing with a cat in the neighbor, they didn't notice me...I froze in the joy of it, I cry remembering...I will never forget it. So much to be in awe of there,,,but you know, don't you. God is good. Do you suppose we crossed paths on the sand over the years? I like to think so.
Perhaps someday I will go home too, and hear and smell the sweet ocean again.
Thank you for this post my friend.
Love You!